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Types of Service for International Shipping


The choice for expedited shipments.
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No Time to Spare

Express is our solution for expedited shipping.

Quick connections

  • Up to 32 kg per piece and 100 kg per shipment.
  • Highest priority to access capacity.
  • Fast connections.
  • Online shipment tracking

Key Features

  • Most commodities NOT requiring special handling accepted.
  • Standard drop-off and recovery times at each station.

Experience in transporting dangerous goods, complying with IATA international regulations from the acceptance process, transportation, handling, storage and conservation.

Experience in Live Animal transport, complying with IATA international regulations and ensuring optimal conditions of safety, comfort and hygiene during the trip.

Controlled temperature transport for pharmaceutical products.

Controlled temperature ranges for safe transport of perishables.

Provides the technological and logistical means to transport goods that are extremely large, heavy or atypical.

Specialized carriage of all types of vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles.

Customized is our fully tailored cargo solution. Using a tri-partite contract between the shipper, forwarding agent and airline, Customized provides personalized information and handling guidelines tailored specifically to your needs.

To request the service please contact your sales executive.